The Mseilha medieval fort

The “Mseilha Fort” also known as “Puy du Connétable” is a medieval stronghold situated in Hamat, north of the city of Batroun. The fort overlooks “Nahr El Jawz” valley from atop a steep rocky spur.

The Crusaders built the first fortifications during the Middle Ages, then the current fort was rebuilt by “Emir Fakhreddine II” in the 17th century to guard the route from Tripoli to Beirut.

The fort is also known by locals as “قلعة ال٢٥” because it is printed on the old 25 LL banknote.

Mseilha Fort can be easily seen from the edge of the highway when going north from Batroun towards Chekka. Once the confinement is over, make sure to visit this unique place and take a trip back in time!

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