The remote temple of Ain Herche

Ain Herche is a village situated in Rashaya District south of Bekaa. It’s located west of Mount Hermon at 1,000 meters above sea level and its name that derives from Aramaic means “House of Spirits” or “Place of Worship”.

Two kilometers from the village (forty-minute walk or fifteen-minute offroad) along a rocky path, sits one of the best examples of a Roman temple in the vicinity of Mount Hermon. It can also be reached by walking down from the neighboring village of Ain Ata.

The temple of Ain Herche is one of the most preserved Roman temples in Lebanon and the region, it blends in well with the surrounding landscape and dates from a Greek inscription on one of the blocks to 114-115 AD.

Carved blocks show busts of Selene, the Moon Goddess and Helios, the Sun God. Around the site are remnants of ancient habitation and tombs.

This amazing temple attracts very few guests due to its remote location but it’s totally worth the visit!

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