A journey through Lebanon in 1851

Long before the declaration of Greater Lebanon, Dutch lieutenant and painter “Charles William Meredith Van de Velde” visited the Levant and wrote his amazing book “Narrative of a journey through Syria and Palestine in 1851 and 1852“. Along with this book, he made 100 lithographs of the main cities, monuments and places that he visited.

While searching for old photos to use in my articles, I came across a listing on ebay for two of these original lithographs of West-Bekaa and Hermel Pyramid. I was lucky to buy them for a good price and the collector shared with me the remaining ones from his collection.

These photos are being shared for the first time since the book is very rare (only 300 copies were made and a certain number of these were “proof before letters” copies). The lithographer’s stones were destroyed and the plates were printed on card thus no more authentic copies were released after 1857.

Enjoy this journey through time!

The Famous waterfall of Jezzine

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