A new resort opens in Lebanon against all odds

Azure Beach Resort, launched 2 years ago at the cosmopolitan Dubai, is a high-end social paradise offering its residents and visitors an exclusive and fun poolside lifestyle. 

Today, the luxury resort has officially launched in Lebanon opening its doors to guests. Located in Zouk Mosbeh, on the coastline between Beirut and Jounieh, Azure Beach Resort is a chic destination boasting 14,000 m² of waterfront land with both beach and pool access. 

An escape from the city near the city that encourages you to relax and have some fun with all the services it is offering from music and DJs , to theme days and nights (Ladies Day every Wednesday and Happy Sunset Tribe every Friday), restaurant and food, pool access, kids friendly area and accommodation. A place for both adults and little ones, the fun-filled kids area is there to entertain the kids while parents can take a dip in the stunning grand pool and soak up the sea views.

But Azure Beach Resort is not just a summer destination, it also offers a selection of 57 stylishly furnished apartments available from October 1st and throughout the winter season, until end of April 2021.

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