Beirut Port over the years

Beirut Port was mentioned for the first time in mutual letters between the Pharaohs and the Phoenicians around 1500 BC. During the Roman Era (64 BC–636 AD), the port was developed into a commercial and economic center. During the Umayyad Era (661–750), it hosted the First Arabic fleet. The port gained an important role in the maritime trade between East and West during the rule of the Crusaders (1099-1291). This role became even stronger during the Mameluke Era (1291–1515) when the port was turned into a commercial center for the whole region. The port as we know it was founded by the end of the 19th century and has always been a crucial part of Lebanese development and politics.

I went over thousands of old photos, postcards, paintings and lithographs of Lebanon and came out with this timeline (from 1838 till today).

The port in 1838 by Barlett
Beirut port in 1841 by Hamerton, R.J.
A painting of Beirut Port by Leander Russ, 1849
Beirut Harbour [1875] | Beirut, Lebanon, Baalbek
Beirut Castle and the tower at the entrance of Beirut port, 1875
The port and the Castle, 1880
A sailing ship in the port of  Beirut, 1880
Beirut Port [1890s] | Beirut, Lebanon, Baalbek
Beirut Port 1890s
Port extension works, late 1890s
الدولة-الميناء..التي دُمّرت
The reception of Guillaume II at Beirut Port, 1899 – Getty ©
Beirut Port 1900s - Lebanon in a Picture
Beirut port 1900s
Beirut Port [1900s]
Workers at the port, 1910
Port Entrance, 1913
The allied forces bombing the port, 1918
The French troops at the port, March 1919
A beautiful shot of the port and its surrounding area in the 1920s
The customs building in the port of Beirut, 1930s
Port Entrance early 1930s
Beirut Port [1932] | Beirut, Baalbek, French postcard
Beirut Port’s train – 1935
The famous French ship “SS Champollion” in Beirut Port, 1939
The good old days, 1940s
1967 – Photo by Roger Wood-Corbis-VCG ©
Beirut Silos under construction (1968-1970) – Sarkis Joulfayan
Containers and a ship docked in Beirut port in 1984, wheat silos visible from afar – Getty ©
Rami Rizk on Twitter: "Beirut waterfront skyline #Beirut #Lebanon  #Beirutskyline… "
2019 (Photo by Rami Rizk)
At Least 100 Dead, 4000 Injured Following Deadly Beirut Blast - Exit -  Explaining Albania
August 4, 2020 – 6:07 PM
Jul 31, 2022
Sums it up

Our government did this! They turned this national treasure into ruins. They had 7 years to remove the 2750 tons of Ammonium Nitrates from the port to a safer area but as usual they did nothing.

1 YEAR after the explosion: ZERO officials in jail.

2 YEARS after the explosion: ZERO officials in jail.


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