Relax you’re in El-Mina

Most Lebanese think that El-Mina is just the coastal part of Tripoli. In fact it’s not, it’s an independent city with its own municipality. Vast Orange Orchards used to geographically separate the two cities, but with the exponential increase in the number of residential units they now look like one city.

1- Previously known as “أسكلة” which means “Escale”, El-Mina is one of Lebanon’s oldest cities. It dates back to the times of the Phoenicians who used it as a meeting point for Sidon, Tyre and Arwad Island.

El-Mina and Tripoli, Lebanon 1912

Just park your car and walk the charming old streets. It’s the best way to discover El-Mina’s gems.

While walking the streets of El-Mina, you’ll come across many authentic coffee shops where old men gather after work to play cards and Backgammon.

El-Mina used to be full of cinemas and theaters. Most of them are now abandoned.

El-Mina’s abandoned Train Station still attracts visitors who wish to take a trip back in time.

El-Mina is famous for its Pottery and Carpentry. These handcrafts are both struggling to survive these hard times.

El-Mina is also known for its islands. In fact it’s the Lebanese city with most islands connected to it (9 to be precise). To know more about them click here.

A Seaplane Base used to exist at El-Mina in what’s today the Port’s “Free Zone”. In the photo a French Seaplane that used to deliver mail twice a week.

A French Seaplane landing in El-Mina, 1939

Where to eat? “TicTac – أبو رامي” (for the best Foul, Hummus, Balila…), Tasty (For tasty fast food), The Sailor Woman for great seafood, “La Pate” for great Saj, Wahid for Falafel…

Take a seat at Warche 13 and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Or just grab a coffee from “Abou Machhour” and enjoy the sunset at the Corniche.

Make sure to visit the Atelier of the talented Ghassan Bakri who turns wood pieces into art.

The day is not over yet, head to MINO street and take a drink or two at CAVA, MIKE’S, TIMMY’S,…

Where to stay? ViaMina or Beit El Nessim.

Come back soon! لا تنسني عد إلي قريباً

2 thoughts on “Relax you’re in El-Mina

  1. Thank you always for these! I love discovering the “homeland” (for me) and really cross my fingers I can visit one day. In the meantime though, I’ll add this to the places-to-visit list. Stay safe.

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