A roadtrip in Lebanon back in 1948

Back in May 1948, Ivan Dmitri, a well-known American Photographer, decided to travel across Lebanon with his crew in a Woodie Wagon. They visited many places around the country, starting from Beirut and the coastal cities all the way up to Bsharri and the Cedars, Bekaa Valley, Hammana, and many other places.

Let’s travel 74 years back in time and discover Lebanon through his lens.

A young couple on a surf board paddling in Beirut
The vibrant streets of Beirut
Young boys resting on a beach in Beirut (probably in Ouzai)
A view of a sail boats anchored at Beirut Harbor
On the old highway between Beirut and Jbeil
Driving the Woodie Wagon through the narrow streets of Byblos
Fishermen on the beach near Tripoli
Discovering the beautiful streets of Tripoli
A young boy and his cow on the way to the Cedars
Arriving to Bsharri
A farmer plowing his field in Bsharri
The Cedars
A local girl carrying water in Hammana
Men playing “Tawleh” in a coffee shop in Hammana
On the West-Bekaa road in Ammiq
The group asking for directions in the Bekaa Valley
Chatting with the locals in Bekaa

2 thoughts on “A roadtrip in Lebanon back in 1948

  1. Absolutely amazing! What a trip it is to go through your photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I shall bookmark your page to check further.


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