Relax you’re in El-Mina

Most Lebanese think that El-Mina is just the coastal part of Tripoli. In fact it’s not, it’s an independent city with its own municipality. Vast Orange Orchards used to geographically separate the two cities, but with the exponential increase in the number of residential units they now look like one city.

The neglected “Qubbat Dûris”

Qubbat Dûris was built in 1243 during the Ayyubid era. Its eight columns were probably borrowed from the ruins of the nearby Baalbeck Complex and were randomly assembled, one being upside-down. A dome used to exist atop these columns.

Deer in Lebanon? Really!?

“Nice Photoshop skills”, “there are no deer in Lebanon”, “these photos are clearly photoshopped”… are some of the comments I receive whenever I post a photo of a deer on social media.

Beirut Port over the years

Beirut Port was mentioned for the first time in mutual letters between the Pharaohs and the Phoenicians around 1500 BC. During the Roman Era (64 BC–636 AD), the port was developed into a commercial and economic center. During the Umayyad Era (661–750), it hosted the First Arabic fleet. The port gained an important role in […]

My latest collaboration with YaHabibiMarket

So glad to announce my 1000-piece puzzle collaboration with YaHabibiMarket, a super cool shop that started in the US few months ago and that sells goods for charity. The star of this collaboration is ‘Ammo Jameel Ghanem (90 years old) who runs his local shop in Baabdat since 1982 and who became the icon of authentic […]

The Lebanese “Route des Vins”

Vines have been growing in Lebanon for more than 4000 years. Our Phoenician ancestors were among the first to understand the mystery of wine and export it across the Mediterranean. The discovery of a 2,600-year-old wine press that was recently shared by National Geographic is another evidence of the extensive overseas trade in wine by […]

Top 10 things to do in North-Bekaa

North-Bekaa is one of the most captivating historical areas in Lebanon, it’s home for the popular temples of Baalbeck as well as much less known attractions and hidden gems. Here’s a list of the top 10 places to visit.

A new resort opens in Lebanon against all odds

Azure Beach Resort, launched 2 years ago at the cosmopolitan Dubai, is a high-end social paradise offering its residents and visitors an exclusive and fun poolside lifestyle.  Today, the luxury resort has officially launched in Lebanon opening its doors to guests. Located in Zouk Mosbeh, on the coastline between Beirut and Jounieh, Azure Beach Resort […]

The lonely column of Iaat

Standing alone for 1900 years, no one is sure why this Corinthian column exists. Some say it was built by St. Helena of Constantinople (mother of Emperor Constantine the Great) while others say it marks the site of a great ancient battle.

A journey through Lebanon in 1851

Long before the declaration of Greater Lebanon, Dutch lieutenant and painter “Charles William Meredith Van de Velde” visited the Levant and wrote his amazing book “Narrative of a journey through Syria and Palestine in 1851 and 1852“. Along with this book, he made 100 lithographs of the main cities, monuments and places that he visited.

The Lebanese Pyramid

A 135-kilometer drive away from Beirut and 50 kilometers from Baalbeck, stands magnificently the underrated 2200-year-old Pyramid of Hermel.

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