Haidara, Lebanon’s Litte Petra

I used to spot this mysterious monument on my way to school, and I’ve always wondered about its origins. I’ve even once tried to reach it by foot during my school days, but I didn’t succeed.

The lost islands of Tripoli

When I first saw this map back in 2021, I thought it was exaggerating the size of the Islands near the coast of Tripoli. I saved it and I never checked it back until I heard over the news that Rabbits Islands are remnants of much larger Islands that used to exist facing Tripoli before…

Back when Jupiter temple had 9 columns

I came across an old illustration of Baalbeck complex from 1757 and I noticed that Jupiter temple had 9 columns while only 6 stand still today! Doing some research, I discovered that they fell during the 1759 devastating earthquakes that hit the Near East.

A roadtrip in Lebanon back in 1948

Back in May 1948, Ivan Dmitri, a well-known American Photographer, decided to travel across Lebanon with his crew in a Woodie Wagon. They visited many places around the country, starting from Beirut and the coastal cities all the way up to Bsharri and the Cedars, Bekaa Valley, Hammana, and many other places. Let’s travel 74…

Top things to do in Central-Bekaa

Central-Bekaa is one of Lebanon’s most historically rich areas. It’s home for many touristic sites and is also known for its dairy and wine production industries. I came up with a list of things to do in Central-Bekaa but there are of course much more places to discover.

Qanafar’s mini guide

Located on the foothills of Mount Barouk, my hometown “Kherbet Qanafar” is a spectacular town in West-Bekaa. Boasting splendid scenery and a whole host of activities, this destination is perfect for adventure seekers. I’ve previously worked with Lebanon Traveler magazine on this mini-guide, I’m re-sharing this updated version with more insights and places.

Relax you’re in El-Mina

Most Lebanese think that El-Mina is just the coastal part of Tripoli. In fact it’s not, it’s an independent city with its own municipality. Vast Orange Orchards used to geographically separate the two cities, but with the exponential increase in the number of residential units they now look like one city.

The neglected “Qubbat Dûris”

Qubbat Dûris was built in 1243 during the Ayyubid era. Its eight columns were probably borrowed from the ruins of the nearby Baalbeck Complex and were randomly assembled, one being upside-down. A dome used to exist atop these columns.

Deer in Lebanon? Really!?

“Nice Photoshop skills”, “there are no deer in Lebanon”, “these photos are clearly photoshopped”… are some of the comments I receive whenever I post a photo of a deer on social media.

Beirut Port over the years

Beirut Port was mentioned for the first time in mutual letters between the Pharaohs and the Phoenicians around 1500 BC. During the Roman Era (64 BC–636 AD), the port was developed into a commercial and economic center. During the Umayyad Era (661–750), it hosted the First Arabic fleet. The port gained an important role in…

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